Results: Number of People Served

Catholic Charities served  12,363 clients with a budget of $15,437,736 a Staff of 174 Employees and over 200 Volunteers.

Thank you. Because of your generous support, those most in need whom we all serve were provided with the following life-aiding assistance:

239,267 meals were served to homeless and other hungry individuals
790 individuals received emergency and hurricane assistance
4,384 individuals were provided affordable housing including:
  • – 1,484 seniors
  • 122 members of families with one special needs family member  (e.g., HIV/AIDS positive or disability)
  • – 571 families of migrant farm workers
1,069 Individuals received medical and respite care
2,552 women were provided Pregnancy and Adoption Services
  • – 187 individuals received adoption services with 13 adoption plans completed
  • – 57 women received post-abortion counseling
2,507 people accessed immigration services
57 refugees received assistance
499 individuals received Housing and Financial Counseling
1,088 individuals received Outreach and Referral assistance