Amazon Smile

Catholic Charities is now a member of the AmazonSmile community! What does that mean?

What does this mean?

  • Amazon will donate 0.5% of all purchases from everyone who shops online on AND who has signed up for an Amazon Smile account AND designated Catholic Charities as their preferred charity. Go to:  Catholic Charities on AmazonSmile

What is the difference between Amazon and AmazonSmile?

  • Absolutely nothing! Same products. Same Prices. Same Service.

Where do I go to sign up?

  • Anyone can create an AmazonSmile account online at Even if you already have an Amazon account, simply go online to to select us as your charity of choice and every future purchase will generate donations for Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg.

One Catch: Set up Amazon to ALWAYS redirect to your Amazon Smile account.

How to sign up:

1. Open Google Chrome. If you don’t use Chrome we highly recommend using this browser over Internet Explorer or Firefox (click here to download Google Chrome)

2. Visit and login to your Amazon account. Type in Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg in the box that says “Or pick your own charitable organization.“ (If you are already signed into your Amazon account and were provided a link by the organization you wish to contribute to, simply click the provided link and follow the next step.)

3. On the next screen be sure to check the “SELECT” box for the Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg.

Make sure you’re logged on to your Amazon account, click on the link that directs you to your organization’s smile account, and click “yes” to support that organization (or whatever language is there).

Next, click on the following link for the respective internet browser you use:

We recommend SMILEMATIC (works best with CHROME, but also, SAFARI, and FIREFOX): smilematic

While shopping online, if you click on link to a product sold on Amazon, UPON enabling SMILEMATIC, you will automatically be directed to your AmazonSmile account to shop for the item.

See the step-by-step below:

Search on Google for an item (in this example, an Amazon Echo).

Without Smilematic, you are directed to the site/link to the product.
If you purchase from here, Catholic Charities would NOT receive the 0.5% donation from Amazon.

Enable Smilematic at the top right (the heart symbol to the right of the URL/address bar) 

You are now automatically directed to the Amazon Smile site-link to the desired product.
Purchasing from here, Catholic Charities will automatically receive the 0.5% Amazon donation.

Congratulations, now you can forget you ever did anything.  Every time you shop, your selected charitable organization (Catholic Charities) will get 0.5% of the amount you spend.

Alternative tools include:

  • Google Chrome – download the “Smile Always” extension by clicking “Add To Chrome”.
  • Mozilla Firefox – download the “Smile Redirect” extension by clicking “Download Now”.
  • Safari – download the “Keep on Smiling” extension by clicking on latest download version (currently v1.2) and follow the installation instructions.
  • Internet Explorer – unfortunately Internet Explorer users are out of luck as usual, there is no extension for this browser.

What if I don’t have an account?

  • That’s easy. Simply go online to and you can create your Amazon/AmazonSmile account which gives you access to everything you would get on

What else can I do to help?