Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg thanks you for your concern for the well-being of our brothers and sisters who have suffered from disasters, including Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and now Maria. Mark Dufva, Executive Director of Catholic Charities said,

“My first words are: ‘Thanks be to God’ because the Tampa Bay region was spared from a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. While this could have been much worse, we must pause to pray for our brothers and sisters across Florida who have suffered loss. We must not only lift all those suffering up in prayer, but we must provide them the material support they need to rebuild their lives. We are thankful for all of God’s Blessings, including all of you whose generosity makes the support we provide possible. However, we must also not forget about those in Puerto Rico who were devastated by Hurricane Maria. Please extend your generosity to them to the best of your ability. And God Bless you as well.”


Most Reverend Gregory L. Parkes, Bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, regarding Hurricane Irma stated:

“Irma is a reminder of how helpless we are in the face of nature but more importantly it’s a reminder of the need to care for one another. I have seen so many acts of kindness these past few days – people inviting others to stay with them, inviting them over for a meal, trying to be kind and patient with each other. Let’s continue to help one another and extend God’s love and charity to people in need.”


Examples of People Impacted by Hurricane Irma and Maria

1. Listen to the heartbreak of one member of the community interviewed by ABC News: Valrico Flood Victim

2. Another sad story of flooding in Pasco and Hernando County despite the river having crested: Withlacoochee River Flooding

3. Watch the impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico devastation



1.  Assemble ‘Hope Kits’ to assist those in need:



2. If you are in need of assistance or know of someone who may be, you can go to our HURRICANE IRMA RESOURCE TOOLKIT on this website. It is also included as a (link to a) downloadable PDF below the donation form. If you are interested in how to provide support for Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico, go here (link to the diocese website) or download the PDF Flyer at the bottom of this page.

 3. Donate below.*


Downloadable Hurricane Irma Recovery Resource Tool Kit (PDF file)

Hurricane Maria Emergency Assistance for Puerto Rico DOSP Flyer


* – Catholic Charities reserves the right to redirect any funds received for use in disaster relief that are not needed in that effort to its ongoing operations.