Change-Maker Donation Program

‘Change-Maker’ Spare Change

Now, you can donate your spare change to benefit those we serve. It is simple and the $10, $20 or $30 each month can provide dinners for 4, 8 or 12 of our homeless residents at Pinellas Hope or provide toiletries for 3 months for

How does it work?

Make purchase and your spare change for each purchase will accumulate during the month.

Once time, at the end of the month (to save on transaction charges), the total spare change will be donated to Catholic Charities.

Can I limit how much I donate?

Absolutely! You can cap your monthly donation to as little as $10.

How do I sign up to join?

Two Ways:

Sign up at

Text CCDOSP to 43506

Congratulations, now you can forget you ever did anything.  Every time you shop, your spare change will benefit a Catholic Charities client – someone who needs your help!

What else can I do to help?