Tampa Homeless Shelter

OPENED December 13, 2021

Hope Cottages(TM)

Hope Cottages will replace most of the tents as we seek to lift-up each resident and provide them with a living space while they are at Tampa Hope that provides them with a comfortable, safe and secure place to sleep.

Naming Rights

We have not finalized our Naming Rights Campaign, but the chart below reflects our current Giving Levels based on the number of cottages purchased. We will refine these naming rights giving levels as final site plans are approved and we can determine the final fully installed costs.

We are happy to entertain unique naming rights involving large numbers of cottages (e.g., a street named after your family or company).


‘HOPE’ Level # of Cottages $ Gift
Guardian One $15,000
Protector Two $30,000
Defender Three $45,000
Champion Four $60,000
Angel Five $75,000


Meal Calendar

We need donations of prepared meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner since we do not have a kitchen. A kitchen is part of our Year 1 $7.4 million investment plan, but until it is built we rely on the generosity of the community to feel our clients. Below are our meal calendars. Please see what dates are available. Once you see a day and meal you’d like to provide, please call (813-394-2870) or email here.




Original Tampa Hope Story:

IMPACT: The camp closed on June 3rd. During the 65 days in operation, we served 210 homeless men and women and placed 76 of them into permanent housing. No residents tested positive for COVID-19.

The Start

“In Tampa, we help each other in times of need, and Hillsborough Hope is a perfect example. As we all stay safe at home, Hillsborough Hope, in coordination with Catholic Charities and a host of community partners, is providing shelter to 100 homeless individuals in our community that have no place to go. This incredible initiative is offering potentially life-saving resources like shelter, food, and a place to shower, to those that need them most, and it will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community” says Mayor Jane Castor. “The sooner we start taking care of each other, the sooner we can get through this together.”

Individual tents at the shelter will allow residents to maintain the required social distance. The City of Tampa is providing access to utilities, tents and other equipment as well as security by Tampa Police Department. Food will be provided through private donations and in partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay.

According to Vanessa McCleary, Housing and Community Development Manager for the City of Tampa, “We are pleased to partner with Catholic Charities because of its’ expertise in providing shelter and supportive services to the homeless at its Pinellas Hope (Clearwater) shelter.”

In addition to the land, Catholic Charities will provide support personnel, including case managers, laundry trailers, a mobile laundromat and six portable toilets. BayCare Health will assist with health screenings.

“All parties have recognized the need to provide this important service to the homeless of Tampa and while unfortunate, the coronavirus crisis has proven to be the catalyst to make it happen,” said Margaret (Maggie) Rogers, Catholic Charities’ Executive Director. “We are grateful to the City of Tampa for their faith in our ability to replicate our work serving the homeless of Pinellas County.”

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